The Star Wars Loot Crate Unboxed (Updated with video)

Parrotlet and BB-8

Everything in the crate was in good condition. There was no way the mug was going to break! And, yes, the bird helped with unwrapping it.

The pounding on the door sounded like the coming of Judgment Day.

Bleary-eyed and bereft of my morning hot tea, I staggered toward the door, thinking it was a good thing for him that the delivery person was already halfway down the path.

Then I saw what was delivered: My first-ever Loot Crate, a handsome Star Wars edition.

I woke up quickly then, and with the help of a very excited parrotlet–also thoroughly alerted by the pounding on the door, and also fond of unwrapping things–I began to unbox the items.

The first thing to admire is the box itself, a big, black creation with the Star Wars logo on top. It is almost a pity the mailing label covers some of it. Loot Crate has taken care of the interior too, adding a picture of the Millennium Falcon in hanger for all to enjoy.

In no particular order, because that is the way it was unboxed:

There is a complete set of the Little Golden Books for the first six books. This is a sure way to win a book worm’s heart; I have no idea how the tales will translate into Little Golden Book form—I have not sat down to read them quite yet, but I grew up with both Star Wars and Little Golden Books, so that line of golden spines makes me happy automatically.

Darth Vader and BB-8

“When you’re the best of friends…”

The BB-8 cup is adorable, though it does disappoint me a little because I cannot see any way that it can be used actual beverages, like that hot tea I was looking forward to before the crate arrived, and I do love a nice, big mug. This one, though, looks like it might be going on the display shelf with a few other non-functional-but-nice items that I hoard. The problem isn’t the size or balance—both are good; it’s the way the mug narrows on top to give BB-8 his little round head. It looks very much like drinking from it will lead to spills, and a cautious attempt with water verifies that this is for looking at, not using.

And a…Darth Vadar Mr Potato head?! Somehow, the Sith Lord lacks any real ferocity in this form, though the bug-eyes and itty-bitty light saber kind of make up for this. It really is a collectable item more than a toy: Only the arms and light saber come off. That helmet is there to stay. Guess he can’t reveal his bald potato head to the storm troopers.

I unfold the Star Wars scarf and it keeps on unfolding, and unfolding, and then unfolding some more. The thing must be at least eight feet long! It’s super soft and comes decorated with both the Rebel and Imperial logos, so there is no need for partisanship.

The Rebel Alliance Gadget Pouch has no such qualms: It has the Rebel logo, and the Rebel logo only. It is designed to hook on a belt and looks like it would carry a decent amount of snacks or even a small lunch for a day’s easy hike, maybe with the scarf and hat. I’m trying to think of somewhere close by that has some really big trees. I can’t quite manage redwoods around here, but surely there is something?

Star Wars Scarf and Hat

The scarf goes on foreve!

The AT-AT Pom Beanie hat, like the scarf, is soft. The two are also color-coordinated in cheerful red, green, black, and white, so there is no need to choose which to wear on a chilly day.

There is also a BB-8 T-shirt in neutral colors—grey and blue with BB-8 in yellow and fits perfectly. It’s also comfy,  Note: If you do get the wrong sized shirt, all is not lost: They will exchange shirts, just so long as you mail the wrong sized back and haven’t gotten it perfumed and/or stained.

I’m definitely looking forward to curling up with the Vader Down #1 comic. A quick skim indicates that Vader gets some good one-liners, and there is a murderous droid in there who reminds me of HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic. I doubt this is an accident.

The 3-D metal shuttle kit looks…do-able, I guess. I am thinking now about people I know who might enjoy assembling it. One of the things I am enjoying about this box is the eminent share-ability of the crate. The shirt is comfortable, and I’m keeping it, and the BB-8 cup is probably going up on display with other collectibles, but there is plenty there that I can also share with the many Star Wars fans in my life.

Set of Star Wars Little Golden Books

How to win a bookworm’s heart in one easy lesson

And Victoria unboxes hers:


  • Exclusive AT-AT Walker Pom Beanie Hat
  • Exclusive Vadar Down #1 Comic Book
  • Star Wars 10 oz Sculpted Ceramic Mug (1 of 3)—BB8, Vader, or Kylo Ren
  • Star Wars Little Golden Books Set
  • Exclusive BB-8 Raglan Tee
  • Pop Tater’s Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head Figure
  • Exclusive Star Wars Jacquard Knit Scarf
  • Exclusive Rebel Alliance Gadget Pouch
  • Kylo Ren Command Shuttle 3D Metal Model Kit
  • Twenty randomly selected crates will have a Funko Hikari K-3PO/E-3PO Limited edition collectable figure & certificate of authenticity

Loot Crate Monthly Plans are online here.

Check out the FangirlNation Instagram and YouTube account for more pictures:



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