Addicted to Magic? – ‘The Magicians’ Episode 3



After being locked in a fridge with a corpse and Marina (the baddest hedgewitch in town), Julia is launching into her secret studies. Like an addict, she begins to miss important moments with her boyfriend and he suspects something is up.  At Brakebills, the newer students are tested to figure out what their abilities are. While Alice and Quentin move into the Physical House, Penny is frustrated to find out he’s been assigned to the most annoying house on campus; Psychic House. After drinking too much at the Physical House welcome party, Alice decides she wants to try reaching the ghost of her brother again. She simply has to know, even though their last attempt nearly cost the Dean his life. She and Quentin step out to solve the mystery of Charlie, with dangerous results.

Marina is currently my favorite character on the show. Kacey Rohl has this odd ability to look amazingly innocent and childlike, while getting prepared to mess stuff up. It took me a full five minutes to realize that she played Abigail Hobbs on Hannibal. I’ve been hooked ever since. She’s the type of badass that you can’t help but be intrigued by, even as you can see her preparing to mess up the characters you’re coming to love.

You’ll see other familiar faces too, if you’re a fan of nerddom. The specialist, Eliza, is played by Esmé Bianco. She is best known for her role as Ros in Game of Thrones. This role involves here wearing far more clothes.

There were a few times in this episode where I just wanted to shake the characters. Alice’s continued attempts to find out what happened to Charlie are often terrifying and usually involve her putting herself and all of Brakebills in danger.


The Magicians airs Monday nights on SyFy Channel. It is most definitely worth your time.


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