Anime LA Kicking Off the Convention Season

Cosplayer from Anime LA

Cosplayer: Jasmin Loves You
Photographer: York in a Box.

Last weekend Anime Los Angeles kicked off the 2016 Convention Season while celebrating a new location in Ontario. Three jam packed days of seeing panels, vendors, and the biggest draw…. FRIENDS! Anime LA is a one of a kind convention that allows for the usual structure of a convention, but adds a more homey type feeling.

This was my first year, even though ALA was celebrating their 12th. I’m never sure what to expect at conventions and I love to try my hand at everything they have to offer. However, last weekend was the first time I decided to throw out the plans and just see where the convention would take me. If this was any other convention, I would have felt lost and overwhelmed. But the beautiful draw of ALA is that this convention is a perfect setting for seeing old friends and making new ones.

Cosplayer at Anime LA

Cosplayers: Amber Arden, Elizabeth Rage, and Reagan Kathryn
Photographer: Fat Man Photography

Cosplayer from Anime LA

Cosplayer: Rian Synnth Cosplay
Photographer: York in a Box

While I walked away from ALA with  new friends, one of my favorite moments was seeing the wide range of cosplayers. Sure cosplayers are a dime a dozen at any convention, but for some reason ALA brings out the best of the best. Cosplayers and photographers decorated the patios of the Ontario Convention Center. I was taken back by how cosplay friendly this convention was. As well as how amazing everyone looked. Anime Los Angeles seemed the hot spot for many uprising cosplayers to debut new designs. Rian Synnth debute her Avatar group, while Amber Arden teamed up with Elizabeth Rage and Reagan Kathryn rocking a mashup between Star Wars and Disney Princesses.

Anime Los Angeles did a great job kicking off the season and I can’t wait to go again next year. There is only one word that best describes ALA and that is energetic. The chatter and friends as they gush over crafting, fandoms, and the fabulous vendors, was enough to give anyone a buzz of excitement of what is to come next for 2016. As well as for ALA 2017!





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