New Suicide Squad Volume 2: Monsters


Cover for Suicide Squad Vol 1Think the League of Assassins is crazy? Try their splinter terrorist group that thinks their former League of Assassins brothers and sisters aren’t doing enough. Amanda Waller is forced to yet again send out The Suicide Squad. This time, they must infiltrate the aforementioned organization and prevent weapons from well-known super villains from being used in an attempt to wipe the planet clean. As always, there’s a chance the folks from Belle Reve aren’t coming back. Will they save the day? Join up? Get bored and do their own thing? Until the dust settles, it isn’t clear who the real monsters are.

Black Manta seems to get far too close to the splinter cell. Deadshot waxes poetic about his daughter. Harley Quinn wins the love (and then immediate fear) from a group of small children.  It wasn’t until the last few pages that I knew who was really out to stop the splinter cell and who was going to make it back to the United States. This is not a light-hearted comic, despite attempts from Harley Quinn to lighten the mood. She severely darkens it herself after executing a large group of people with her bare hands. Still, there are a few light hearted moments. One of the best lines comes from Deadshot to Black Manta regarding how much everyone really hates Snapchat, but how it’s not worth taking out civilization over.

The New Suicide Squad is definitely worth a look, but be advised that the art is often physically violent and graphic. The Volume collects issues 9-15.

The New Suicide Squad Volume 2: Monsters is now available.



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