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Before a review can be written of how much fun and awesome this movie is and that everyone should watch it, there is a disclaimer. It must begin with who this movie is not for.

It is definitely, most definitely NOT for children. That R-rating was hard-earned. Giggity giggity.

This is also most definitely not for those easily offended or prone to over analyzing a movie. You will not enjoy yourself and will soon lose friends from your lack of enjoyment. A pensive moment contemplating art at a nearby coffee shop while you wait for your friends to come out of a theater is highly recommended.

With that out of the way, it can freely be shared how freaking, add all the expletive fun this movie is. Even though advertisement teases it, this is a romantic movie; just not in a Nicholas Sparks way.

Deadpool  is a Marvel character, so of course there is a dense comic history behind it. As the super hero saturation point begins to hit, the need for this reviewer to “study” up on a character has long waned.  This is what I knew Deadpool before sitting down to watch the movie:

  • He is dead-ish and has amazing healing powers.
  • He wears black and red and carries swords.
  • He equally loves chimichangas and breaking the fourth wall.
  • Every comic convention has at least ten Deadpools’ dressed up as weird mash ups. They also photobomb everything.


Did it matter if I knew the dense history? No. The movie was absolutely entertaining right from the first second. Deadpool himself is friendly enough to not only entertain you but walk you through the flashbacks to explain his backstory.  Every Marvel character has a back story and it is almost always tragic.

What was surprising me most of all about this movie was how much heart there actually is. Don’t misunderstand, there is enough body slashing, blood splattering, body breaking, and sex to make you giggle and tense up.  It was Deadpool himself. For once, this is a Marvel character that seemed more human than anything else. Maybe this is why everyone loves him so much.

Before he became the Merc with a Mouth (all right, I knew that tag line before going in), Wade Winston Wilson was thug mercenary. Wade had a rough upbringing and it gave him a gruff exterior. Even so, he made a very edgy but beautiful woman. These two lunatics fell into a deep and loving relationship only to have their happiness interrupted by a reality that too many of us have experienced in our lifetimes. As an inoperable cancer creeps up on Wade, he makes a decision purely based on emotion and enrolls himself in a program. This bad mistake, a very very bad mistake, begins his forced transformation into the funny anti-hero we see on the screen. It is a mistake that anyone in his situation could have easily chosen. There wasn’t a radioactive spider, he wasn’t loaded with money to create flying suits, no mutated gene with a hidden power, nor was he of Norse blood; Wade was a man who lived a hard life, made decisions based off of what he felt, and he went with it. To add love in that equation just tugs on those heart strings

As deep and sensitive this contemplation is, everything else in this movie is absurdly bloody and hilarious. The opening credit score is enough to make you giggle. From the trailer and promotion campaign, it is expected for this movie to be funny. It is, and I won’t ruin it by giving away the best lines.

The movie as a whole is a great balance between fun, sassy, deep, scary, and suspense. It has every element of a great date movie with your significant other or friends.  The thing about this review is that there isn’t much of a nudge to try to prove why this movie should be seen in theaters. If you smiled and felt your heart skip while watching the trailer, you are going to watch this movie.

If reading reviews adds more of a push towards which movie to watch this upcoming Valentine’s movie, then here it is: go watch it.  Just go. Have fun. Enjoy yourself!

Bonus info: it is a Marvel movie. Stay seated until end of the credits.



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