Alfred is Still the Best and Luthor is Still Annoying in the Batman v. Superman Final Trailer


Focus on Alfred, the real heroBatman v. Superman final trailer is out. There are a lot more explosions, plenty of explosions, some more Wonder Woman, and further confirmation that everyone should just shut up and listen to Alfred. Also, Lex Luthor still sounds more like a young Joker than like anyone capable of arranging gladiatorial matches, chatting with the politically ambitious, and creating (or finding?) monsters to order.

Alfred, on the other hand, remains awesome. He’s cool-headed, knows where to drop Batman off for a battle and how to tell him off afterward. In previous trailers, he tries to talk Batman out of his anti-Superman crusade, with good reason. It’s hard to tell just how much of the damage here is caused by the two heroes battling it out and how much caused by Luther’s later “gift,” but there’s certainly enough destruction to go around. It’s easy to see that the¬†world at large would be better off if the superheroes all sat down and listened to the butler.

Also, Wonder Woman gets her first line in the trailer–although in her civilian garb.

What are you looking forward to most in the movie? Dreading? Is this a must-see in the theater or a wait for home release film for you?


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