‘Easy Eats: A Bee & PuppyCat Cookbook’ is Headed Our Way



If you’re a fan of Bee & PuppyCat, you already now that food is what drives them.  VIZ Media and Frederator Networks have teamed up with series creator Natasha Allegri to create a cookbook for fans. Set to debut in hardcover this summer, the recipes are inspired from the imaginations of the Bee& PuppyCat staff, fans of the series and professional chefs.

The book will include recipes for:

  • Main dishes: For breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime you’re really hungry

  • Snacks: To share with friends or nibble with your favorite pet

  • Sweets: Pastries, pies and ice cream sundae smiles

  • And much more!

“With this new cookbook, fans can tap their inner chefs to create dozens of dishes inspired by the show that are both tasty and easy to prepare,” says Beth Kawasaki, Senior Editorial Director for Perfect Square. “The Bee and PuppyCat animated series has delighted millions of fans of all ages, and we look forward to giving them a whole new way to join this dynamic pair for delicious adventures in the kitchen.”

Easy Eats: A Bee & PuppyCat Cookbook is expected to retail for $16.95 in the USA and $19.95 in Canada.



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