Marvel Legends Cosplay Accurate Props Coming to Hasbro


Marvel and Hasbro have put their game faces on and are facing the cosplay community with promises of a new future. Images of a movie accurate Iron Man mask with a detachable face plate and LED functionality was released online today.
Iron Man Hasbro

Gizmodo explained in a recent article that Hasbro has scheduled the release of their Marvel Legends Role Play line sometime this fall ( knowing Hasbro this nerd believes their release will coincide with halloween). Items such as Iron Man’s mask, Captain America’s shield and Captain America’s face plate are all rumored to be on the first round of costume accurate collectables. What does this mean for cosplayers?

For starters, obtaining a specialty cosplay article (such as Iron Man’s mask) will drop in price. It may impact resin cast specialists as the new role play collectables are priced between $100-200. For cosplayers who are foam smiths not much will change. In general, this new toy line will open up opportunities for cosplay/costume enthusiasts who may not have the skill to craft and/or the money to commission a fabricator.

I look forward to what Hasbro has in store and am eager for the future of collectables.


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