Disney Princesses as Art Deco Statues


Disney Showcase Art Deco PrincessesDoll collectors and Disneyphiles, get your wallets ready. Come April, the princess line will include four graceful Disney princess Art Deco statues. Each princess retains her traditional colors and a recognizable costume even as she gets a makeover. Cinderella keeps her blue gown, but slims it down, adds geometric patterns and a long necklace to the ensemble. Ariel’s dress is shell-patterned (of course), and given lines that subtly remind one of a mermaid tail. A pair of long earrings finish off the look. Snow White, on the other hand, has opted for ruffles, a red-bow headband, and an off the shoulder cape. As she already has floor-length hair, Rapunzel, like Snow White, has opted to eschew the floor-length gown in favor of a calf-length, narrow dress in her Tangled colors.

Each figure is stone resin, with Ariel, Rapunzel, and Snow White standing at or near eight inches while Cinderella stands tall at ten. These four are part of the Disney Showcase Collection and are currently available for pre-order from Enesco.

Story via Inside the Magic and Entertainment Earth

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