Amazing Arizona Comicon: Lots of Energy, Minimal Programming


The excitement brewing in the South Convention Hall of the Phoenix Convention Center this past Friday afternoon was palpable. Convention goers eagerly bustled around, some lining up to get their favorite X-Men and TMNT comics signed by the original creators of such titles, and others lining up to view a bunch of Deadpool cosplayers dance like excited ferrets on the main stage. My friend Lina and I (Lina often attends these events with me as I often have WAY too much camera gear to carry on my own) were excited, anxious and ready to participate in the activities we recalled from the year prior. After registering we reviewed the panels and our excitement plummeted: there were only two panel rooms and a single main stage where presentations took place. She and I brushed this off as a day one concern and instead focused on the vendors…boy were there a lot of them! Amazing Arizona Comicon had vendors galore!


We ran into the AWESOME Allen Amis Creations. He was show casing his amazing BioWare and Bethesda props along with his wife’s AMAZING Men Vs. Cosplay Calendar. If you have not heard of the Men Vs. Cosplay effort check out their Facebook page HERE.

Along with incredible prop makers like this fella from Garage FX

We also found a plethora of crochet/knit dolls and plushies such as the ones crafted by this incredibly talented artist!

On Saturday Lina and I rushed into the con full of energy, excitement and determination to find interesting programming. Alas, the panel pickings for Saturday were just as slim as Friday. In fact, there were no outdoor events at this convention and the interactivity was limited to what you could find in the exhibitor hall. While this is fantastic for someone looking to splurge their savings it was a little tough for a person like me who rather enjoys taking a rest and listening to an intriguing panelists. We did enjoy one “panel” that was a series of comic/sci-fi related T.V. and movie previews. At the very least it gave us a reprieve from the hours of walking–there were not a lot of rest areas inside for this convention.

Overall I enjoyed the energy of this con but felt like the lack of events and panels left a hole in my excitement. I was not able to leave with the same con “high” I receive at other geek/nerd events. I am not at all bashing the convention: staff members were helpful, kind and ready to offer directions at the drop of a hat. I just feel like I did not receive a well rounded convention experience.

I did capture some GREAT cosplay at this convention. Please enjoy these photos and take some time after to check out the Amazing Arizona Comicon website for future updates/releases on new events. Who knows, it may be the event you’ve been searching for 😉

We also have a GREAT video of the event on our YouTube Channel!


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