Wes Locher Releasing Free Webcomics–Starting with ‘Battletoads: Turbo Tunnel’


BattletoadsWes Locher, writer of the more than slightly strange comic Unit 44 will be releasing what he promises will be equally strange short comics on his website over the next few months.

The first one, which comes out today, is based on Battletoads, a game Wes Locher describes as “the 1991 Nintendo game that experts (i.e. me) agree is the hardest video game of all time.” In the course of the game, a group of battletoads go to rescue their friends from the evil Dark Queen using techniques called things like Battletoad Butt, the Big Bad Boot and the Nuclear Knuckles. Both Wes Locher and artist Loch Ness have fond memories of being consistently defeated by the Turbo Tunnel and, as Locher says, “because comic creators are nuts,” he and Loch Ness “decided to explore that appreciation through the majesty of comics. We hope readers enjoy the 90s throwback and if they want to email their favorite comic publisher and encourage them to pick up the Battletoads license so we can continue the adventures, we wouldn’t stand in their way.

Enjoy the preview pages below, and head out to read the entire comic.

For those who find the comic and its accompanying music stirs up nostalgia, there are still games and memorabilia out there.


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