Symmetry #3 – “Going Native”


SYM03Symmetry #3 was recently released by Top Cow Productions, Inc. in both digital and hard copy formats. This series so far has presented its readers with a reality deeply rooted in synthetic thought. Synthetic though? What in the world does that mean? Allow me to elaborate…

RAINA (an artificial implant) speaks to SOL (an artificial intelligence) to stabilize, equalize and calm humanity. Guided by the counsel of elders and the four pillars, this AI controls the world’s population using algorithms meant to soothe humanity’s violent tendencies while fostering good will and intelligent exploration/design. Love does not exist. Ambition does not exist. Freedom…though some believe they have it…does not exist. Everything is monitored and controlled. Even “relationships” are initiated, planned and executed by SOL. That’s what makes this issue of Symmetry so interesting: a natural disaster (a solar flare) disrupts SOL’s broadcast for a short while which, in turn, causes small pockets of calamity across the globe (transportation crashing, robots losing connectivity and going rampant, etc.). Those who witness this calamity are suddenly enlightened.

In most cultures enlightenment is seen as a positive. In Symmetry enlightenment and free will are dangerous. Such aspects of humanity have long been forbidden as they pave the paths of devastation. I won’t go into detail on the story arc’s development in Symmetry #3 but I will say that it provides readers with the darker side of the light. Matt Hawkins and Raffaele Ienko execute this comic beautifully. Each panel is interesting, each drawing is carefully rendered and the characters themselves create a unique tale of intrigue, technology and the pursuit of freedom.

Curious about this comic? Visit Top Cow Productions, Inc. for more about this series.


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