X-Files: Season 11 Volume 1


cover78357-mediumReading the X-Files comics, I’m starting to believe that Fox Mulder’s natural state is to be in trouble with FBI brass. As usual, Mulder is playing by his own rules in search for proof of extra-terrestrials. Unfortunately, this time he has the most hideously unbelievable mustache of all time. In Washington DC, Dana Scully (as usual) is defending Mulder’s antics and admitting she doesn’t know where he is. So begins Volume 1 of Season 11 of the X-Files. Mulder ends up on the run and finds himself on the farmland of an old fiend; the Peacocks. For those who don’t remember the episode “Home,” don’t feel bad; it featured a family of incestuous rednecks who bred with their mother until they were nothing but deformed children. According to rumor, the episode aired once of Fox and then quickly was put away never to be aired again. You can watch in on Netflix if you want to endure it. ┬áNeedless to say, Mulder is quickly embroiled in a very disturbing mystery that soon involves the FBI.

As someone who remembered the episode “Home,” I was pretty uncomfortable once I figured out where the story was starting to go. Thankfully, the writing team took the story in a different direction and made sure to keep the plot interesting. As all good tie-ins go, X-Files: Season 11 Volume 1 does a great job of keeping in line with the television show without leaving too many lasting consequences on the characters as they continue into the reunion special. ┬áThis collection is definitely worth reading as an X-Files fan just to have Frohike tell Mulder to shave the ‘stache.

X-Files: Season 11 Volume 1 is available February 23, 2015 from IDW Publishing.


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