Cosplay Savant: Star Wars Nagai Makeup Tutorial


For some time I have received questions, comments and curious looks from individuals wondering just HOW I get my skin so white for my Jedi Nagai Cosplay…

Well I am finally happy to exclaim that I have completed a tutorial that walks you through the step by step transformation from normal Sam to intense Nagai Jedi Sentinel!

Don’t have time for the video right now? That’s ok! Here is a quick step by step summary of what I do…

  1. Apply moisturizer to your face (face MUST be clean).
  2. Take a large makeup brush, dampen it, then dab it in the Mehron Clown White Face Paint.
  3. Stipple/Dab the paint onto your face gently (you may have to apply more than one layer).
  4. Once you have all exposed areas covered take a medium size brush and dip it in a light gray eye shadow.
  5. Shade with the light gray under your cheek bones.
  6. Use the same brush and go for a darker gray eye shadow then continue to shade under your cheek bones.
  7. Using the same brush OR a new eye shadow brush begin to apply black and/or dark gray shading to your eyes.
  8. Use a straight brush with black eye shadow to draw in your eye brows.
  9. Blend the eye shadow with a silver eye shadow and/or black/gray eye shadow.
  10. Apply eye shadow to your neck creases and clavicle; use Mehron White Face Paint to blend.
  11. Apply mascara and/or eye liner.
  12. Take Matte Black Lipstick and apply lip details.
  13. Use Ben Ny Face Paint and/or Liquid Eye Liner to apply face markings.
  14. Use E.L.F setting powder and Ben Nye Liquid Setting Spray to complete the look.

For more tutorials visit¬†and check out other entries in FangirlNation’s Column “Cosplay Savant.” See you all next time!


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