Which of these Nine Villains Has the Most Evil Voice in All of Fandom?


A recent post got us thinking about villains, particularly about villainous voices. I mean, really, just how seriously can anyone take a villain who doesn’t have the right voice?

While there are numerous candidates out there, we managed, through heroic effort, to slim down the list to nine–just nine! candidates. And there we stuck. Now we need to narrow things down a bit to find the most evil villain of all. So, help us out a bit! Which villain has the most evil voice ever?

You may add your own nominations in the comment section below, though that will probably only add to our confusion (and possibly to our nightmares!)

To help you out, we’ve included some reminders below!

Crowley of Supernatural

LEGO Braniac

Sarevok Anchev of Baldur’s Gate

The one and only King Under the Mountain–Smaug the Magnificent!




The Joker

Hades himself


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