Introducing ‘Dark Souls’ A New Horror Comic from Titan


Every now and then, something comes in that makes us stop and say “wow!” The preview for Dark Souls by writer George Man and artist Alan Quah is one such item. Take a look at the sample page and covers below, scroll down to see the horrific concept, and take some time to let us know what you think in the comments!

Dark Souls Issue #1
Writer: George Mann
Artist: Alan Quah
On sale Date: April 6, 2016
Ongoing – 32pp – FC – $3.99

Welcome to the world of Dark Souls; a landscape bathed in arcane fantasy, where primordial forces govern the tides of time, bonfires flicker in the darkness, and the undead stalk the earth in search of impossible redemption. From Titan Comics and Doctor Who scribe, George Mann, comes this original tale of adventure and visceral horror that throws readers deep into the twisted myth of Namco-Bandai’s award-winning video-game franchise.


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