Unboxed: LootPets Knocks Us ‘Dead’


I have a dog. A REALLY BIG DOG. Her name is Amelia Pond and when she was found, she had been abandoned, had no fur on her body, and we weren’t sure she was going to last more than a month or so. My friend’s daughter named her Amelia Pond: The Dog Who Waited. Two years later, she’s healthy and lives as a Texas porch dog with nothing better to do but eat treats and be wonderfully spoiled by the folks at LootCrate. This month, they saw it fit to send her a LootPets crate from their new line of monthly pet-friendly kits.

As we speak, Pond is wearing her Deadpool shirt and licking her chops from her Zom-bone and Night of the Living Chimichangas treats. She hasn’t torn into the Walker chew toy just yet, but give it time. I’ve included the unboxing video below with a few pictures of a very cool treat and a very satisfied dog.




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