Z2 Comics Welcomes Spring with ‘Hyper Force Neo’ from Jarret Williams


Z2 Comics is getting ready to welcome spring with a new, all-ages comic by Jarret Williams (Super Pro K.O.!), Hyper Force Neo. The comic is an action-oriented tale, with tech-savvy teens and their mech suits fighting off alien trouble. Z2 will publish a super-sized, 48 page comic as the first issue, giving readers a grounding in the new world.

Synopsis for Hyper Force Neo

HYPER FORCE NEO, from SUPER PRO K.O.! creator Jarrett Williams, takes readers along on the adventures of Dean Masters, a 9th grader tasked with leading a group of tech-savvy teens called Hyper Force Neo. Their Mission?
Save New Sigma City and their high-school from the sinister, intergalactic vagabonds known as the Dark Edge. With the use of their Hype Suits, Neo Keys, High-tech weaponry, and over-sized Neo Mechs, Dean and his friends just may get the job done. The first issue of HYPER FORCE NEO will be a super-sized 48-pages.

Creator: Jarret Williams
Order code: FEB161982


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