The Terrifying Tot Has Come to Stay: Titan Comics Announces ‘Norman’ as a Monthly Book


Eight-year-old serial killer, Norman, has had three graphic novels in which to hone his craft. Now, the young killer created by writer/artist Stan Silas, is ready for full-time mayhem. Titan comics announced today that Norman, a horror/comedy which our reviewer Stephanie Hayslip described as “one polished love letter to horror movie culture,” (full review here) is going to return as a regular, monthly series.

The first issue of the book comes out in June, 2016 and follows directly from the graphic novels. Writer and artist

Stan Silas will undoubtedly make room for new readers to join the carnage, but for those who wish to do some background reading, all three volumes are available on Amazon and in discerning local libraries and bookstores.


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