We Will be Seeing “Power of Grayskull”


Signs of success for Power of GrayskullA while back, we wrote about Rob McCallum and Randall Lobb’s Kickstarter campaign to produce The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, giving fans a look at “everything He-Man, Masters of the Universe and She-Ra,” with the “everything” including a look at the creation, history, and creators of

We’re happy to report today that, with less than ten hours to go on their campaign, the two have not only met their goal, they’ve sailed well past it, making more than twice their initial $25,000 goal. The number of stretch goals met makes for impressive reading.  Not only can they meet their goal, they plan to create an extended fan edition of the film, and to add multiple interviews, and to stuff in “anything…we can think to include!” The everything, everything, everything edition does require a pledge for the Special Edition Disk.

With two prior works (Turtle Power, and Nintendo Quest) behind them, plenty of money pledged, and a long list of people who have agreed to be interviewed for the film, Rob McCallum and Randall Lobb are in good shape to meet their 2017 goal for the film’s completion.

For further information, visit the pair’s Kickstarter page or www.HeManDoc.com.



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