“You Remind me of the Babe”: ‘Labyrinth’ Game Pieces Are Complete With Jareth


Jareth Scupt Fronth, painted and unpainted

River Horse Games continues apace with its work on The Labyrinth game. With the Jareth sculpture, all the sculpts have been approved and the game’s cast is completed. Like the other pieces, Jareth was sculpted by Johnny Fazer-Alien.

The current release goal for the game remains early this year. According to Alessio Cavatore, writing on the Labyrinth the board game Facbook page, “the entire finished game has now gone for final approval” and River Horse is “trying to have the game on sale at UK Game Expo in June, but it’s touch and go whether we will or not.”

For further information,conversation, and questions, sign up for the Labyrinth board game Facebook group. Read our previous posts on the game’s development here.


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