Unboxed: HalfbloodPrints Monthly


Full collection

HalfBloodPrints has been a guilty pleasure of mine for decorating my classroom and even as a baby shower decoration. When Mandy Maynard announced she would be doing a subscription for her prints, I jumped on it. This past Friday I got my first envelope and I was not disappointed.



The biggest item is an 8″ by 10″ print featuring Severus Snape. It’s an awesome tribute to one of the most complicated Hogwarts professors.

Maurauder's Map

A bookmark with the Marauder’s Map. It even has cute little shoe prints on the back.

A magnet calendar for March. I’m looking forward to putting this in my classroom.

Until the Very End
A 4″ by 4″ sticker with a Harry Potter quote, which happens to be one of my favorite.


Get your own HalfBloodPrints monthly here.


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