‘Lawyer Games’ Follows What Actually Happened in ‘Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil’


cover79906-mediumChief Assistant DA Dep Kirkland has seen some things. He was part of one of the most notorious trials in modern history. In 1981, shots rang out in a fancy house in Savannah, GA. The question of self-defense or murder quickly set the stage for the trial of one of Savannah’s most notorious figures. Lawyer Games: After Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil follows the details of the case; well all 4 versions of the trial. In the book, Dep Kirkland gathers all the details and evidence that went to trial, including items that the jury never saw.

For anyone that has ever seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil or read the book, you will remember that the characters from John Berendt’s book were real, but certainly seemed larger than life. So was it with the trial. Kirkland is careful to show the actual testimony and evidence presented at trial, and he is always happy to interject with his thoughts. Many pieces of evidence pointed to the fact that this probably wasn’t a self-defense case.

For fans of Law and Order or who have delved lovingly into Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Lawyer Games is a must read. We get out same familiar characters, but we get them as factual people with real evidence. The book is pretty twisted and at times you wonder about our judicial system. Other times you wonder what they teach you in law school.

Lawyer Games: After Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil is now available.



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