SXSW Offers Karaoke Night March 11, 2015 in Honor of ‘Presenting Princess Shaw’



Samantha Montgomery, one of the stars of the upcoming film Presenting Princess Shaw, will be on hand to sing her heart out with you at the Highball in Austin this SXSW Season. Friday March 11, 2016 from 11:30-1:30pm, karaoke will be going wild. This is to help promote her upcoming film.




Here’s the official synopsis:

Every day, all over the world, a billion people view and post video clips on YouTube. They are their virtual messages in a bottle, tossed into the boundless sea that is the Internet, seeking fame, fortune or just to make a connection. One of them is Samantha Montgomery, 38, who lives alone in one of New Orleans’ toughest neighborhoods where she struggles to make ends meet. By day she works as a caregiver for the elderly; at night she transforms into Princess Shaw, belting out soulful original songs at sparsely attended open mic nights, and posting homemade a cappella clips and stunning video confessions of her life on YouTube.

Reaching just a handful of viewers, one of the struggling Samantha’s few followers happens to be Kutiman, a.k.a. Ophir Kutiel, a world-renowned Israeli musician living on a kibbutz outside Tel Aviv.  Kutiman mashes up YouTube videos from all over the world to create new musical pieces. Princess Shaw has no idea that he has found hers until he mixes together one of her clips with instrumentals posted online by random musicians. The result is a stunning reversal of fortune for the unforgettable Princess Shaw.

PRESENTING PRINCESS SHAW takes you on a unique, inspirational journey, from the streets of New Orleans to the concert halls of Tel Aviv and into the world of a rising Internet sensation. A rousing documentary crowd-pleaser about a star-crossed singer-songwriter and an enigmatic composer, the film examines loneliness, anonymity and connectivity in the Internet age, where showbiz dreams remain but a mouse-click away for the lucky and talented few.

Presenting Princess Shaw will available to view at SXSW:

Friday, March 11, 9:30pm – Rollins Theatre at the Long Center, Austin

Monday, March 14, 1:45pm – Alamo Ritz 1, Austin

Wednesday, March 16, 10:00pm – Alamo Ritz 1, Austin


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