Machette’s Fatale: Overtly Sexual and Lacking a Plot Line


Machette's FataleMachettes Fatale is an adaptation of Jean-Patrick Manchette’s Fatale: a book focusing on a crime high grifter with a talent for conspiracy and intrigue. Adapted by Max Cabanes and Doug Headline, this comic takes every ounce of murder mystery and packages it up in a large volume full of violent manipulation. It’s main character, Aimee, is a talented con-artist who mingles with high society in an effort to obtain their “dirty laundry.” She is beautiful, she is clever and she is, most of all, mysterious. Her charisma endears her to the upper class and brings out trust in people who would otherwise be suspicious of newcomers. As an experienced assassin, Aimee is also cold and withdrawn which often only intrigues her high society compatriots even more.

Machettes Fatale is NOT for ANYONE under the age of 18. This comic, while beautifully illustrated, focuses heavily on the dysfunction of a mind frought with imbalance. Aimee pleasures herself in many panels with rather unusual means. She is frequently drawn nude and she curses without restriction. Her behavior is sporadic, peculiar and sometimes difficult to follow. The comic has lovely artistry but the story was often hard for me to grasp. So much focus was placed on the actions Aimee took, on the passage of time in the graphic novel, that it distracted from the story’s plot. Indeed, even when Aimee’s true nature is revealed, her actions are overly aggressive. The supporting characters also act out of turn and the story jumps from one place to another with very little continuity.

I am not certain if the book is similar but I definitely felt there was something missing from this story line. It read as if a portion of the novel was left out or part of the plot was never fully developed. While this was not a comic I enjoyed, the character development was interesting and the back stories often enlivened the tale. If you do wish to read this book make sure you do so in a private or secure setting as, again, it is VERY inappropriate for work or family reading nooks. As a crime/murder mystery tale goes I would place it in the “adequate” rating. It’s neither splendid nor awful: it simply is.

For more information on this book or to purchase a copy visit Titan Comics.


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