First-Ever Paper Copy of ‘The Only Living Boy’ Coming from Papercutz


The Only Living Boy ebook coverThe Only Living Boy is about to have its debut in the world of paper. Created by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the graphic novels tell the story of “Erik Farrell, a runaway boy who awakens on a strange planet to discover he just might be the last human alive.” After that, Erik must befriend an insect princess and a mermaid warrior in order to defeat an evil dragon and a slew of dangerous creatures.” As one does.

The creators have spent eight years creating this, and there is plenty of material: The Only Living Boy: Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet comes out from Papercutz on March 8, volume 2 comes out in July, and volume 3 in October, with further volumes in 2017.

In addition to building a world full of warrior mermaids and the like, both authors seek to portray the process of growing up, of learning to accept oneself and others, and of both triumph and failure. “Growing up can often feel lonely and isolating,” says Gallaher, adding that “With this series, I’m exploring how children adapt to adversity.” Young readers may come for the insect princess and the dragon, but they will stay because they will see a character who struggles with the same uncertainties and anxieties they do.

Instead of going on a book-reading tour, the two creators are going on a teaching tour. They will be holding workshops on making comics for their fans (#makecomics) and giving them advice on all aspects of comic book creation, from planning to publishing and understanding the comics industry. Scroll down past the gallery to see the schedule.

The #makecomics schedule:
March 8
Brooklyn, NY
Elk Cafe (David Only)

March 15
Ithaca, NY
Buffalo Street Books (Steve Only)

March 18-20

April 2
Frederick, MD
Brainstorm Comics

April 3
Falls Church, VA.
Victory Comics

April 14
Long Island, NY
Long Island Libraries and Pop-Culture Conference (David Only)


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