Batman: Arkham Knight – The Best Adaptation Yet?


Batman LogoEver since the caped crusader’s first foray onto the big screen in the 1989 big budget, all action movie Batman starring Michael Keaton as our favourite moody superhero, everyone has wanted more. More backstory, more villains, more fight scenes, more Gotham City, and definitely more Arkham.

And ever since Christopher Nolan took the Batmobile’s wheel and started steering the franchise in a darker, deeper direction in 2008, more has been given. It’s come in the form of movies, animation, additional story arcs in comic books, even clothing, toys, and some pretty impressive online gaming such as the Dark Knight slot which can be found at Lucky Nugget Casino.  Now that’s impressive; Batman is such a social phenomenon that even online casino sites – including the biggest and the best – are keen to get him on board. And an online slot game interpretation of the Dark Knight is always a pleasure.

So the release of the newest video game, Batman: Arkham Knight was sure to set pulses racing.

Batman in Batman Akrham Knight

What Is It?

Batman: Arkham Knight is a Rocksteady Studios game for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Windows. It’s the fourth game in the new and most definitely improved series, and, just like its predecessors (Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009), Batman: Arkham City (2011), and Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)), it follows Batman’s struggle against arch-enemy Scarecrow, as well as the unknown, unknowable, and supremely mysterious Arkham Knight himself.

The Game Itself

Batman: Arkham Knight is a big hitter, and whether this is your first Arkham video game, or you’ve been playing since the initial release of Asylum back in 2009, you’ll soon be able to find yourself deep in the storyline. It’s a tense one, emotions can run high, and what with Scarecrow being on the loose and terrorizing Gotham with his fear toxin, the addition of the Arkham Knight really ratchets up the anxiety levels. This is not a relaxing game to play, but that’s kind of the point, and well worth taking the time to get your head ready before hitting the power button.

The story allows Batman to find himself in real peril. Yes, if you as the controller put one finger wrong, our hero could – and does – certainly die. And then where would we be? Gotham would be a wasteland and the bad guys would win. So tread carefully.

Scarecrow in Batman Arkham Knight

Visually, the game is nothing less than stunning, as is to be expected from Rocksteady’s team of hugely impressive animators. But thankfully it’s not just about looks – the game itself is absorbing and interesting, and it has some real twists and turns that any avid fan or newcomer will appreciate. With in-jokes aplenty perhaps some of the comments and characters will go over the heads of those not in the know, but it doesn’t detract from the gameplay, and for those who do get it, it’s a nice little extra.

If the main game becomes a little too much, there are a number of extra missions to be done on the side, should you wish to. They involve some old friends – and enemies – including faithful Robin, Catwoman, and Nightwing. Plus there’s the enjoyment of collection the 200 (and then some) Riddler Trophies that will bump up your score and annoy the baddies.

Batman Arkham Night Riddler boss Fight


In essence, Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the more impressive Batman adaptations to date. It’s smooth, sleek, and a little bit sulky and sultry, just like the caped crusader himself, but there are enough extras to lighten the mood enough to allow for hours or gameplay. This game is a fitting finale to the trilogy.


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