The March Loot Crate Level Up Vs Collection Means You Don’t Have to Choose Sides


March Loot Crate Level Up VSThe theme for this March’s LootCrate LevelUp is “Vs.” and the selection made this geek’s heart happy. Not only do they include Super Mario Bros, Batman vs. Superman, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America: Civil War attire, they make it possible to wear your loot without choosing sides!

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D socks, for example, are bipartisan: One sock is Hydra, one is Shield. Position them just right, and you have a half-and-half logo. The Civil War T-shirt also avoids the vexing question of “Whose side are you on?” the logo is half Iron-Man’s symbol, half Captain-America’s. Too bad the superheroes can’t share as well. Well, maybe not—however much trouble it will be for them, it’s likely to be quite entertaining for us.

Batman and Superman are represented by a pair of necklaces: one with Batman’s bat the other with Superman’s S. In theory, the recipient will give one to a friend. In theory. One of the fun things about Loot Crate is the care they take in packaging: The necklaces do not have to come in a nice, black velvet pouch, but they did.

It delights me far more than it should that this month’s combination of attire allows me to mix my fandoms and wear a Civil War shirt with a Superman necklace and a Batman hair tie. Yes, there are hair ties as well, three of them with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman logos.

There’s also a Battleship shirt—Battlship the game, that is, not the movie. You’ve played that right? This one has the four-peg ship just about to meet its doom.

Mix and Match Your Fandoms

Mix & Match Fandoms

Last, but far from least, are the Mario and Bowser socks. Again, you don’t have to pick sides between the evil turtle and the heroic plumber. One is on one side, one is on the other. These are some of the most brightly colored socks I’ve ever seen. There’s no chance that people won’t notice them, so they should be good conversation starters.

“Vs.” is a winning crate, no matter which side of the various conflicts you’d choose.


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