Rat Queens #15: The Circle is Broken


The Rat Queens have seen a lot these past few years. Violet’s origin was revealed, DeeDee’s immense power over the deity she once worshiped was discovered and now the group is struggling to help their dear friend Hannah with the troubles of her past. This issue takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotion. It opens the mystery of Hannah’s former life and lays it out for all to see. We are told why Hannah hates Mage University, why her father is fighting for his life, and why she is constantly blamed for the miseries once experienced at Mage U.

The art evolves in this issue as well. Hannah’s appearance changes (for better or worse is still to be seen). There are also panels full of three quarter, profile and back views for all the characters (if you are a cosplayer Rat Queens is likely one of the more costume friendly comics in the way areas of reference art). Kurtis J Wiebe, Tess Fowler and Stjepan Sejic take this issue of Rat Queens to new heights…or lows, depending on which character(s) you’re rooting for.

The future of this comic is torn to bits and it leaves readers wondering: “Will the Rat Queens survive this newest drama?”. As an active reader of this series I was completely caught off guard by some of the behavioral changes in a few characters. I was not so surprised when Betty revealed her back story (it’s brief, amusing and actually makes a lot of sense).

Where will the Queens go from here? Will Violet ever see her favorite bird loving boyfriend again? Will Betty get over her lost love? How will DeeDee respond to the horrific accident her brother has just suffered? All this and more is itching to be answered in future issues of this series.

For now, join in the calamity and pick up a digital copy of Rat Queens at Image Comics or visit your local comic store for the down low on the latest smidgen, human, elf and dwarf shenanigans in Issue #15 of RAT QUEENS!


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