Symmetry #4: Mystery in the Machine


Maricela and Michael haven’t had the easiest time since a solar flare disconnected them from their RAINA: an artificial personality that guides human activity towards peace, community, harmony and equality. Those four pillars of humanity were developed by SOL: the artificial intelligence that controls RAINA. When the solar flare disrupted SOL’s activities around the world chaos struck: aerial vehicles crashed, labor bots shut down and mass hysteria was abound as people realized that the software they relied on for everything in their lives was absent. When the dust settled and connection was restored a few people remained disconnected. This small group of people dwindled in size until it was just Michael and Maricela along with a mysterious force guiding them towards their destiny.

Matt Hawkins and Rafaele Ienco finish off story arc #1 of Symmetry with a powerful narrative detailing the difficulties that Maricela and Michael have faced since their disconnect from SOL four years hence. Rafaele’s unwavering attention to detail and unique art style plays strongly into Matt’s alluring tale of matrix-esque realities and the complexities they create. Symmetry has, by far, been one of the most consistent comics from a plot/story perspective. I have read many comics in my life time and this one impresses me with its fluidity and readability. The lettering, masterfully rendered by Troy Peteri, is easy on the eyes and does not require the excess of “squinting” that so many other comics these days cause (seriously, can we get a few more typographers in the comic industry that know what they are doing please? Kudos to you Troy).

I am excited to see what the future holds for this unique take on a common sci-fi story line. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local comic shop OR visit Image Comics to order online. Happy reading!


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