Vs: The March Loot Crate Has the Best Shirt! (And Other Neat Stuff)

Loot Crate Star Trek Mirror Mirror Shirt

Best Shirt Ever

Truly. If you do not put this Star Trek shirt with the two Spocks on your top ten list, we may have to stop speaking. I have to admit, the color is a bit off, but it’s Spock, everyone! The original Spock from two universes.

Just look at it–Our Spock and Their Spock facing off in a boxing-style poster.

There are other good things, too, of course. There’s a reversible Daredevil/Punisher beanie, depending on which hero you want to champion–or you can turn the edge up and send a mixed message, keeping Punisher’s skull logo on Daredevil’s red. It’s a fun item, either way. Wearing a Daredevil hat and a Star Trek shirt isn’t nearly as fun as wearing a Marvel Civil War shirt and a Batman logo necklace (see the Level Up goodies)

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My box also had a Harley Quinn comic which will make the first Harley Quinn book I’ve read. It’s amazing how many areas of geekdom there are to explore in this world. My understanding is that other boxes this month may have other Harley Quinn goodies. If you get something else, let me know in the comments, please. I’m curious!

There’s a mystery Alien or Predator figure in a box, but I haven’t opened it: Some lucky FangirlNation reader may win it as a prize some day, and a Batman/Superman wallet that looks sturdy but does lack fastening; it’s probably more suited to someone who carries their wallet in their pocket rather than their purse.

The box turns inside out as well for a full attack scenario. And, of course, there is the Loot Crate magazine, which I am fast learning to look forward to. This one teaches you how to train to face your enemy in less than a day as well as a few other things.

As with previous Loot Crates, this one has plenty of stuff to share as well as keep. That’s part of the fun.

Today, March 19, is the absolute last day you can sign on to get the Vs. March Loot Crate, by the way.


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