The Costume Showdown Round THREE


You’ve narrowed the field down to four remaining costumes in Round Two. We’re getting closer to the ultimate costume, with only four options left!

Helmet v. Trench Coat

The helmet is impressive, there is no doubt about it, but the trench coat has an appeal all its own. While the helmet says “I’m a warrior,” the trench coat says “I’m all business.”

The helmet is good for helping you tower over your enemies, the trench coat can hide things like body armor. Also, you can keep a flashlight in the pocket.

Dress to Impress v. The Cape

Capes are stylish. They blow in the wind, frame the wearer’s body, and add drama to the scene. Dressing to impress, on the other hand, has an element of finesse. The wearer dresses for status and says “I’m in control.”

Which do you favor?

Voting will end when it ends!


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