The Trailer for ‘Well Wishes’ is Charming


Well Wishes – Official Trailer from Anderson Drew Boyd on Vimeo.

Most of us have experienced that not-so-great feeling of losing a job due to a trick of fate. In the new trailer for Well Wishes, a young man named Miles changes his life, and the lives of several others, after losing his job to a coin toss.

Here’s the official synopsis from the film:

Miles (Shane Callahan) is laid off from his job after his boss, needing to downsize the company, chooses who will stay and who will go on a simple coin toss. After his longtime girlfriend leaves him, Miles hits rock bottom. Making one wish on the very last penny in his pocket, he throws the coin into a wishing fountain at the local plaza. A thought sets his eyes alight. He retrieves his coin….then takes another….and another.

Assembling a team with his best-friend Jack (Cullen Moss) and a kind stranger Durwood (Don Henderson Baker), Miles builds an enterprise of harvesting coins from wishing fountains locally. But he soon takes to the American highway to cultivate riches from fountains nationwide. Along the way he discovers love in an indebted traveler (Anna Stromberg) while Jack and Durwood grow the venture from home. As the business booms; the team quickly realizes that each has his own idea of what wealth and happiness truly means.

The film looks charming. Well Wishes comes to VOD May 10, 2016.

Shane Callahan in Well Wishes


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