‘Godzilla Oblivion’ #1 Thrills



I don’t want to give away too many spoilers. This comic is too good for that. I must reveal some things about it though to give it a decent review. So be warned, moderate spoilers ahead.

Godzilla Oblivion
had me hooked right out of the gate. There are few things I love more than science gone wrong stories. Mad Scientist stories rank right up there too. The scientist, more of an engineer really, in Godzilla Oblivion is not mad. In fact, and this should scare you, he’s the voice of reason; this despite building a machine he probably shouldn’t have built.

Of course the moneybags that funded building said machine, that probably shouldn’t have been built, totally disses the scientist/engineer when he suggests caution and even–*gasp*–testing said machine before just turning it on full throttle.

The basis for the story is a staple of many a science fiction novel, movie, even television show. What they are doing with it is what is exciting and the way they are telling the story is engaging. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and actually disappointed when I got to the last panel of the comic, not because it was bad but because I wanted to keep reading. This comic makes me greedy for the next issue.

Godzilla Oblivion has fantastic, stylized artwork. The art is gorgeously colored and in spots a bit minimalistic. In other places it is lovingly detailed. You can just tell that the artists love Godzilla as much as the readers do.

It is written with a sense of whimsy and humor that does not detract from the terror and horror of Kaiju and especially Godzilla. In fact I had to look at it twice to catch some of the clever details. I really love when the scientist and moneybags have that “what have we done?” Moment. Then things go down hill from there.

Of course the first issue ends with a very large, one might even say Kaiju sized, cliffhanger. I think I may have said out loud, “Where’s the rest of it?” When I got to the last, delightfully terrifying panel.

I enjoyed Godzilla Oblivion so much I had to check to see if it was written by the same authors who wrote Godzilla Cataclysm. They’ve started off so strong I’m excited to see where they will go with it. With such a strong start I’m eager to see where the story will go next.

Published by IDW
Written by Joshua Fialkov
Artwork by Brian Churilla
Colors by Jay Fotos


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