‘Wynonna Earp’ is the Supernatural Western We Didn’t Know We Wanted


wuqu0tlse1gbrmjc3oxtIf the Colt storyline on Supernatural was your favorite, I’ve got a show for you. Love Lost Girl with every fiber of your being? Break out the popcorn.  If you ever imagined Buffy the Vampire Slayer with an older lead and set in a Western town, prepare your DVR. SyFy’s Wynonna Earp is coming to town and you need to sit down and prepare yourself.

Based on the comicbook of the same name, Wynonna Earp follows a newly 27-year-old woman as she returns to the town of Purgatory. After three years away,  Wynonna is only coming back for the funeral of her uncle. She is the heir of the Earp curse, and as much as she is trying to avoid it, only she can stop the demonic Revenants of folks killed by the Earp family from rising and killing everything in their path.

The opening scene featuring our leather-jacketed heroine riding a bus through the desert shows us she is obviously not out to make friends. A young blonde woman insists on making conversation, and for anyone that has ever seen an episode of a  any supernatural TV show, we know this new friend is likely not going to make it to the second episode. The bus gets a flat tire and rather than use the toilet aboard, blondie steps off the bus to go relieve herself. Wynonna has warned her that this area is not safe, but of course our blonde friend is not deterred. A few moments later, Wynonna is out of the bus searching for the missing girl. Spooked by the creepy noises outside, the bus driver risks the wheel rim and drives away without his two other passengers.

Viewers quickly see what Wynonna was worried about; Revenants. It is far too late for her companion, but Wynonna manages to take care of the creature by staking it through the eye with a tree limb. She then walks the 7 miles to Purgatory in a pair of pretty cute boots. It’s not long before viewers realize this is not a happy homecoming. Most folks had hoped never to see Wynonna again, and with her attitude it’s not hard to see why. She asks her aunt if there was anything strange about her uncle’s death and is immediately shut down.  No one wants to talk about the situation, but Wynonna discovers that her  uncle had his head torn clear from his body. Add into this the mysterious death of her friend from the bus and a special US Marshall task force poking around and we discover that these types of murders have been happening more and more lately. Of course it’s a coyote attack, right?

The first episode of Wynonna Earp has all the elements of a story I dig: Supernatural? Check. Badass heroine of a more mature age? Dead on. Self-deprecating humor at the ready? You bet. A great alternative soundtrack? Nothing better.  There’s also the fact that Wynonna Earp uses historical facts and Western legend to tell its story. While Wyatt Earp earned a reputation for being the greatest gunman that ever lived, many of the stories about him were fictional and greatly blown out of proportion. Wynonna Earp exists as a world where Earp really did kill 77 men and now his family is cursed to hunt down the Revenants from these killings. The writers are careful to correct details about Josephine, Wyatt Earp’s third wife, and also to make sure that viewers understand Doc Holiday died from tuberculosis and not a venereal disease.

Wynonna Earp is like the love child of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dean Winchester. It’s difficult not to find yourself falling in love with her attitude and her dedication to her little sister.  Oh, and I need her jacket as soon as possible.

Wynonna Earp premieres Friday April 1st, 2016 on SyFy at 10pm ET/PT.


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