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OnyxSky CosplayHello and welcome to our very FIRST Cosplay Feature of the week! To start this weekly feature we are introducing you to not one but TWO Arizona cosplayers. Not only do you get two incredible cosplayers this week but they so happen to be twins!

JadeGrass CosplayI met Onyx Sky Cosplay shortly after starting my own cosplay journey in 2014. She is an incredible seamstress and I admired her skill level with all things fabric. During a DC Villains Photo Shoot I hosted in the summer of 2015, Onyx Sky (who’s name is Ravenn) introduced me to her sister Breanna (JadeGrass). All is history from there so without further adieu please allow me to introduce you to the best twins of cosplay!

Hello Breanna! Hello Ravenn! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourselves…

Breanna (JadeGrass Cosplay): We just turned 25. We both work part-time at the same local library, but I’ve been working there a little longer. I’m also working on two Master’s degrees, one in social work and one in public administration (with a concentration in nonprofit management). School takes up a majority of my time these days.

My absolute favorite non-cartoon television show right now is Agent Carter. I also love the first Captain America movie.The Legend of Korra, Gargoyles, and Young Justice are also in my top five favorite shows. Clearly I have good taste. I have mostly only been reading Marvel comics in the last couple of years. My favorite series are Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and A-Force. I also love Saga.

Ravenn (OnyxSky Cosplay): I think she covered it. We like most of the same shows and comics etc.

It’s great to see the connection the two of you have! What got both of you into cosplay?

Breanna: I made my first costume, Wonder Woman, for Tucson Comicon in 2013 with absolutely no idea what I was doing. Before that I attended Phoenix Comicon two years in a row with Ravenn in costume. Each time I became super jealous. I wanted to feel the awesome power of being a superhero for a weekend too. After my Wonder Woman disaster, I took a sewing class at Mesa Community College to level up. I keep cosplaying because I feel like it brings me closer to the characters and series that I love. It makes me feel like I get to be a part of their universe for a little while.

Ravenn: When I was ten I saw cosplayers gathering at Atomic Comics (R.I.P) for one of their Friday Cosplay events. Jealous doesn’t cover it, I couldn’t start then (no money), but I never forgot about it. After going to my first con my sophomore year of college and seeing cosplay up close again I knew it was time. My mom helped me with the sewing for my first two costumes, but it was clear that if I wanted to improve I needed to learn to sew on my own so I took a summer sewing class at Mesa Community College.

What is it like cosplaying as twins? Do people confuse the two of you?

Breanna: People get us confused often even though we’ve never cosplayed the same character. We have only ever done one sister’s costume (Starfire and Blackfire), but we have a few planned for the future. Ravenn’s been sewing longer so she used to help me with my costumes a lot. I think I’m finally catching up to her in terms of skill though.

Ravenn: Fun! We both have different skills and enjoy different parts of the process so it’s been great. If one of us is having problems like something not fitting right we know we can call the other one and usually it gets resolved pretty quickly.

Have you had the opportunity to work with any big sponsors yet?

Breanna/Ravenn: No big sponsors yet. We did get to be on the news once to promote Library Comicon at the Tempe Public Library this year.

Alright, let’s get to a hard question: What are your dream cosplays?

Breanna: I’m going to take this question literally, because I actually dreamed once that I made a Sif costume. I would love to make a Sif costume someday, but I have yet to experiment with armor. Xena, Beifong from Legend of Korra, and Phasma are also on my dream cosplay list. I have a “thing” for armor.

Ravenn: My goal is to do as many Teen Titans characters as I can.

It sounds like both of you have really great chemistry and that your skill sets mesh well. With your combined experience, what advice would you like to offer other cosplayers?

Breanna: My advice is not to let anyone tell you that you can’t cosplay as a character because you don’t look like them (because of your weight, race, features, etc.). The only character worth cosplaying is one that makes you feel awesome. Those are usually characters that you love or are at least from series or movies that you love. Don’t let anyone else tell you who you should or shouldn’t be.

Ravenn: Pick characters/fandoms that you love. Don’t force yourself to do a character because they look like you or it’s popular. Every costume takes time and money, two things most people can’t afford to waste.

Do either of you happen to have any cosplay role models that have driven your costuming passion?

Breanna: I follow so many cosplayers I don’t think I have a specific cosplayer that is my role model. I have an overactive imagination so I tend to get caught up in fictional people. I would have to say either Agent Carter and/or Captain Marvel are my current nerd related role models.

Ravenn: Too many to list. I’m a total fangirl when it comes to seeing what other people are making and how they execute their stuff, so I guess like Jade I don’t know if there’s anyone that stands out who I stalk, I mean follow more than everyone else.

Thank you both so very much for sharing your passion with us!

We’ve included below some great pictures of Ravenn and Breanna’s incredible cosplays. To see more of their work please visit them at…

JadeGrass Cosplay

OnyxSky Cosplay
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