Love Easter Eggs? Pixar has Been Hiding Hank the Octopus in their Films for Years


We all know that Pixar is great at hiding things in their films, such as the Luxo Ball, Pizza Planet Truck, and A113 from CalARts. Today, Pixar released a big secret: We’ve been seeing Hank the Octopus from the upcoming film Finding Dory in every film since 1995’s Toy Story. How did we miss him?!

“Hank started off as a bit of an inside joke between those of us who were here at Pixar in the very beginning,“ said Stanton. “But since then, finding a place for him in our films has become part of our culture, and I’m glad we finally get to introduce him properly to fans.”

Ed O’Neil voices Hank the Octopus in the upcoming Finding Dory, coming June 17, 2017.


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