Nintento’s Miitomo is the Latest Greatest Social Media App


3V7J-yNM7Lftp1yh3HU9y-L31xtgMweqWhen Nintendo launched the Wii game console it introduced us to the world of the Miis. Miis are customizable avatars that live in the Wii system that players can use as their characters for games such as Wii Sports and Wii Party. When the Nintendo 3DS was released, Mii’s were more portable and able to interact with each other via StreetPass. When the WiiU was released the Miis were able to show more emotions and the user could pose them. Now Nintendo has broadened the world of the Miis even more with Miitomo.

IMG_1660Released in early March in Japan and March 31st in the US, MiiTomo is only available on mobile devices with the Apple App Store or Android Apps. Upon downloading the app, users create a Mii to represent them. This is where things get fun. The full range of Mii customizable parts are available for you to choose from or you can use the camera on your device for it to match you with a Mii. This didn’t work to well for me personally, but it did for my boyfriend. I also kept making weird faces while it was scanning. Once you create your Mii, you can customize your nickname, which can be changed later and attach your Nintendo ID if you have one. (Protip: If you don’t have an ID make one. This helps with saving your Mii in case you switch devices. Certain games other Nintendo Systems also require it.)

IMG_1661Next comes the voice feature. Yes, your little person will talk to you. You can use one of the preset voices or adjust the pitch, speed, depth, accent and energy to create your own voice. I played with it until it sounded close to my own. My boyfriend didn’t play with his much and it just sounds like a monotone automated voice like Watson the Super Computer.

Once you have your Mii’s voice down you can adjust the personality. You can adjust the character’s movement between slow and quick. You can chose your Mii’s individuality and how quirky it is. You can determine your Mii’s manners and how direct or polite it is. You can choose how relaxed or serious your Mii is with the attitude adjuster. (Hey, can I get one of these to use on my 7th grade students?) Lastly you can chose how expressive your Mii is. My Mii has moderate movement, a bit direct with her manners, a relaxed attitude, is very expressive and is super quirky. She pretty much has the same personality as me. IMG_1662

Once you finish creating your Mii’s personality, the app will show you a full body shot of your Mii. It will also give you a recap of your personality and personal style. When you first create your Mii it will be wearing a basic outfit of a white shirt and sweats. You’ll be able to change this later. You can check out our Mii’s stats any time by tapping profile on the menu.

The next screen will bounce you to your Mii’s home. You can’t customize your Mii’s living space yet but I hear this is something that Nintendo has coming down the pipes at some point. If you click on your Mii it will ask you questions. Each week there is an “Everyone Answers” question that you earn coins for answering. Questions range from “What do you like about cats?’ What is your favorite kind of bread?” to “What is something that makes your skin crawl?” Some of them do get pretty deep and involves some self reflection if you decided to answer honestly. Your answers to these questions will be shared with other Miis and reported to your friends that you connect with on the app. When a friend’s Mii comes to visit they sometimes ask questions that will kept just between the two of you. I used this to send really gushy things to my boyfriend. When you listen to answers you have the option of commenting or liking a response. Every time you answer questions, comment on responses and listen to the answers your friends give you earn coins. You can also earn popularity points by interacting with other people and having them respond to you or like your responses. It is literally a popularity contest.IMG_1663

Making friends with other Miis is easy if you have friends on your other social media platforms with the game. You can connect to your friends by linking Facebook and Twitter and sending them friend requests. When you first ask for your friends it shows them by their Miitomo nickname but when you tap on them it will show their name on the Social Media site. This was handy because my cousin decided his nickname was Sasquatch. You can also add friends when you are face to face with them by clicking on a series of symbols at the same time. Currently there is no way to add a friend if you are not already friends with them on another platform or face to face. I have heard that this is another feature that could be coming down the pipes in the feature.  As you add friends you earn coins. Obviously the more people you add or encourage to join the more coins you earn. Your friends will come to visit your Mii and your Mii will also go visit your friends. Once in a while you will open the app to an empty room and have to call your Mii back.IMG_1580

There are three forms of currency on the app. There are the coins which you pretty much earn by just opening the app, Miitomo Platinum  points which your earn by completing missions and candy which  you get by logging in regularly. There’s also game cards that allow you to play the games in the shop with out spending your hard earned coins. The Platinum points can be used to get a Mario suite for your Mii as well as more game tickets.

IMG_1665The clothing store is a blast in Miitomo. This is where the coins come in handy. Each day there is a dated shop with items that are only available that day. There are also standard items that are available every day for you to choose from. Some can even have their colors changed to match an outfit. Clothing items to choose from include pants, skirts, shirts, full on outfits, accessories, socks and shoes. You cannot have a naked Mii though, however I have seen characters in just a pair of pants. Another feature of the store is the Miitomo Drop where you can play a Plinko like game to earn clothing items. You can pay for these using your coins or game tickets. The themes do change so check back daily to see what outfits are offered. The more clothing items you have, the more options you have to change your Mii’s clothes. These earn you style points and you can also earn Miitomo Platinum points for changing your outfit on a daily basis.

The last great feature of Miitomo is the Miifoto. Each time your Mii changes outfits you are prompted to take a Miifoto of it. These will be shared with your friends. You can also respond to answers with Miifotos. You can pose your me, change the expression, add text and stamps, and change the background. Some people have even added their Mii face to photos found online. These photos can also be shared to your social media platforms and saved to your device.

Overall this new App is pretty awesome. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in it to enjoy it. There is enough variability from day to day to make it worth logging in. Interacting with your friends’ Miis is fun and you actually learn a lot about them from their answers to questions. While there is room for new features to be added Nintendo has created a fun and engaging app right out of the gate.


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