I’ll Drink to That: Television and Wine Pairings


For us fangirls nothing beats a night on the couch with Netflix and our favorite shows. Well, nothing but that plus a nice glass (or bottle, I’m not judging) of wine. As a hardcore wine drinker knows, pairings are important. Even the most casual consumer is most likely to know you don’t mix a white with steak and a red with chicken.

Food and wine go together like Mulder and Scully, but what about shows and wine? Besides various cheeses and other foods, the wine drinking fangirl is most likely to be found engaging in dual hobbies: wine and binge watching classic and current geeky goodness.

I have crafted a television and wine pairing guide to get the best out of your viewing and sipping experience.

Show: Buffy and Angel
Wine: Rosé
The mix of the sweet white and rich, bitter red is the perfect alcoholic compliment to the Buffyverse. No one else but Joss himself can make you laugh and then kill everyone you love. Don’t lie, you know you want to clutch a bottle of Rosé and cry over season 2.

Show: Firefly
Wine: Malbec
Malbec could be seen as the “Firefly” of wine. You either love it, hate it, tried it once and thought it was okay, or never heard of it. Manly enough for Malcolm Reynolds, yet cool and hip enough for Wash, a night with some Malbec and the crew of the Serenity is sure to be one to remember.

Show: Doctor Who
Wine: Red Moscato
The adventures of everyone’s time traveling regenerating alien is no doubt more popular than Moscato’s redheaded cousin. It could be argued Red Moscato and Doctor Who are both acquired tastes which is why they are as perfect together as David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Show: X-Files
Wine: Cabernet
No show will take you on an emotional roller coaster like X-Files. You’re going to need something strong to deal the blows (and Season 10).

Show: Game of Thrones
Wine: any/all/all of the above
Regardless of your feelings towards the Lannister clan, we can all agree with the matriarch, Cersei’s views on the matter of drinking.


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