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GastonCosplayWelcome back for yet another installment of our weekly cosplay showcase! This week we bring to you Stevie of StevieSpade Cosplay. I met Stevie at Saboten 2014 where she was dressed as Misty from Pokemon. Over the years she has astounded me with her determination and creativity. So without further ado, here is Stevie!

Hello Stevie! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a manager in a fast paced financial industry. Sailor Moon is my favorite comic/manga of all time! I cry every time I watch The Wind Rises and my first ever cosplay was Raven from Teen Titans (still one of my favs!) then NightWing almost immediately after!

Welcome fellow Moonie! I too adore Sailor Moon. So, what drew you to cosplay?

I loved the idea of being and posing as some of my favorite characters. When I started building my own costumes I grew addicted to the amazing feeling of looking at an awesome tricked out costume and being able to say: “Oh yeah, I made all of that!” (Just don’t pay attention to all the bandages, blood, and burns-mere side effects)

I have seen some of your social media posts about commission work. How did cosplay evolve into a business for you and what do you specialize in?

I am very fortunate to have met some amazing people early on who challenged me to start sewing and to become a foam armorer. Once I started sharing my accomplishments through social media (costumes, weapons, armor) for about a year is when others started asking for help on their costumes; the business side of it evolved from there!

I always strive to build my skill set and knowledge of how to better make costumes! Presently I specialize in: sewing and foam smithing (crafting armor out of foam).

Acquiring customers so early into your career must be a confidence booster! Have you had any big sponsors approach you yet?

None I’m a loser 🙁

Now, now…you are not a loser. Big sponsors are hard to acquire and often they are fickle in their desires. Let’s move on to a more exciting question: What is your dream cosplay?

Sailor Moon of course!!! I will one day have the MOST awesome Super Sailor Moon cosplay and you can quote me on that ;).

Do you have any cosplay role models?

Vorpal Props has made some AMAZING replica props! I would love to be able to build and mold as well as he does and he cosplays as Ron Weasley…you can’t beat that!

What advice do you have for current cosplayers?

Treat each other with respect! Cosplay can be a judgmental community at times but I have met some of the most amazing humans (and superhumans) who have taught me SOOOOOOO much! We have so much judgement and anger in the world already – let’s support each other! I can’t stress that enough!!!

What advice do you have for future cosplayers?

Have fun! If you’re doing it for fun then it will hardly seem like work. Your costume always looks better than you think it does and if it doesn’t then you’ll know what mistakes to avoid the next costume you build.

If you would like to know more about Stevie you can visit her on…

She can also be contacted via gmail at: [email protected]

Here are a few of Stevie’s favorite cosplays (along with a few of our favorites of hers)…


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