Hyper Force Neo #1 is Headed Your Way from Z2 Comics


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Hyper Force Neo is headed your way from Z2 Comics. This all-ages comic book is created by Jarrett Williams of Super Pro K.O., and features an African-American main character that leads a crew of high-school students, the Hyper Force Neo. They use mech suits to battle against alien robots, all while dealing with the day to day high school stuff we as students were familiar with.

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Jarrett Williams grew up in New Orleans with his hard-working family and that work ethic has translated into his three creator-owned series: Hyper Force Neo, Super Pro K.O and Knuckle Up. These series combine his love of manga, video games, and cartoons with a loud and colorful style.

“In Hyper Force Neo, you’re looking at my interpretation of the future, and the dynamics I imagine being commonplace in high schools in 20XX. Things like girls and boys playing on the same football team, not separate teams. Robots being fully ingrained in all parts of society and being looked at as equals. Kids being able to fully express their individuality in personality and fashion and it being embraced by their peers. I think that’s all pretty cool for a kids comic to explore.”

Hyper Force Neo #1 comes to comic book stores April 20, 2016.



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