Revolutionary Gaming: Ninja Theory and Hellblade


Ninja Theory
A month ago at a Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, California the Ninja Theory Ltd. Company stunned their audience with something revolutionary. The stage was set with an introduction to their new game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. The scene? A woman of Celtic origin standing amidst the charred ruins of a battle ridden territory. It has what most games brag about: stunning visuals, incredible atmospheric effects and a challenging lead character rendered so well that she nearly breaches the 4th wall. So what makes Hellblade interesting? The character’s actions and movements are rendered in REAL TIME. Yes, I said REAL TIME.

During the conference Ninja Theory brought out the actress who portrays Senua and had her interact with the audience. Each movement, each twitch of the corner of her mouth or subtle breath was caught instantly on the character feed. Taken aback, the Key Note speaker explained that this was Ninja Theory’s pride and joy: a virtual simulator that takes the realistic expressions often missed in gaming and relays them real time to a model. How did they do this? I could go into pain staking detail over the matter but Ninja Theory does a far better job of explaining their work so…here is the presentation!

Hellblade Diary 21: Making a Virtual Human

Enjoy the presentation? Check out Ninja Theory’s website for more visual diaries and games HERE!

Here are a few screem captures from the game to entice you further…


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