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Welcome back for yet another installment of FGN Mag’s weekly Cosplay Feature!

Today we introduce to you the lovely, talented and ever so humble AmberBrite! Amber is local to Arizona however; she has traveled across the country as a Twi’Lek, Gamer Girl and artist for cosplay! I met Amber in 2014 and she has inspired me with her determination, creativity and endless desire to learn new techniques.


Welcome AmberBrite! Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is Amber Brite and I am a full-time professional prop-maker/cosplayer. I work from home building armor, props & prosthesis on commission all day for a living! It’s extremely difficult but also really rewarding. Most of what I do is Star Wars (I love all the different aliens) but I am also a big fan of RPGs and MOBAs like Mass Effect or League of Legends.

What sparked your interest for Cosplay?

Oh I’ve been cosplaying since before I knew there was a word for it! I always loved dressing up for movie premieres, halloween, etc. Then one year I decided to go to my local comicon. I met all the other cosplayers there and fell in love with the community immediately. Friendly people with a chance to constantly be creative and crafty? It was a dream come true!

I know you’ve had the chance to pursue your dreams as professional prop maker full time. What has that been like and how did you get started?

It started out as a hobby, like I guess it is for anyone, really. But the more costumes I made, the more I fell in love with it. Eventually I was going to 2 or more events per month. That’s when I realized cosplay had taken over!

Some time last year, I made the decision to start selling some of the props I was making, taking costume commissions, etc. I opened up an online store, started getting booths at conventions, and just tried to put myself out there. I found I really enjoyed running a booth – it makes it so much easier for me to meet really cool people.

Mostly I specialize in props and prosthesis, especially ones as flexible and lifelike as I can manage. My biggest product launch so far was my Togruta headpiece (think Ahsoka from Star Wars: Rebels) which was an insanely complicated project. A lot of trial and error. But the end result is just so beautiful, and the head tails move & sway just like if they were real. Mission Accomplished!

Besides that, I also do a lot of work with Armor, Latex clothing, bodypaint, sewing… whatever I can get my hands into! It’s my favorite part of Cosplay – you become a little bit of everything by the end of it.

Your work is incredible! Have any sponsors approached you yet?

So far everything I’ve done, I’ve done on my own. I’ve always been interested in partnering with a sponser, but the opportunity just hasn’t come up yet.

Do you have any dream cosplays?

Selendis from Starcraft 2. She’s one of the few female Protoss in the series, and she looks AMAZING. Such a difficult build, too. She’s got it all: a crazy head sculpt, digitigrade legs, super complicated armor, electronics, bodypaint… I’m so excited to build this character, I can’t wait for the challenge.

Selendis sounds like a challenge! What advice do you have for current cosplayers who are tackling their dreams?

Challenge yourself. Every costume you make or wear, give yourself a challenge. Sometimes it’s working with a new material, or trying a new technique. Or wearing something you never thought you were confident enough to wear before. You are stronger and more amazing than you know, and the rest of us in the community will always support you the whole way!

How would you encourage new or curious onlookers interested in delving into the world of Cosplay?

Ask questions! Seriously, us Cosplayers LOVE to talk about how we make our stuff. We will talk your ear off about anything you want to know. There are plenty of great tutorials out there, but sometimes the best thing you can do is go straight to a cosplayer and ask how.

With as much expertise as you have are there any cosplayers in the world today who inspire you or have inspired you?

Oh so many. So so many of them. I love Kamui and Jessica Nigri both for their skills with making armor. I love Jessica also for being totally silly all the time and never letting negativity get to her. Some of the big prop-makers out there like Steven K Smith, Punished Props, WM Armory… their tutorials have helped me so much over the years. AZ Powergirl for being such a wonderful and kind mentor to me as I move into making Cosplay a profession. I could go on and on… but really these are all fantastic people and you should follow each of them.

If you would like to find out more about AmberBrite she can be visited at…


Here are a few of Amber’s incredible cosplays!

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