Miami Vice and Pulp Fiction Went Out on a Bender and We Got The Fix #1


The Fix #1 Cover B“I always pulled for the bad guy.”

The Fix, a new series from writer Nick Spencer and artist Steve Lieber is like everything and nothing you’d expect. Crime and Comedy have rarely gotten along better. Certain standards such as quick dialogue, compelling characters, and easy violence abound, but it’s what the story does with existing archetypes that truly makes it something special. In an effort to save the fun and discovery for readers I won’t say much more about the characters and their paths, but be forewarned personalities are not easily categorized here. Like…at all. And it’s a breath of fresh air I can get used to.

It was somewhere between a monologued–and doomed–bank robbery and a principal character coming to terms with the newfound enchantment of body fluid that I realized how much magic I had stumbled into. High stakes and low humor, cynicism and gratuitous skin, yin and yo-yo. The Fix is like Miami Vice and Pulp Fiction went out on a bender together, and–lucky us–we get to read the police report.

The art of the piece fits right in with this aesthetic. Sleek and bright, like a long drive in a convertible on the nicest day of the year. Think Sean Murphy meets 80’s pop, or Michael Gaydos once the anti-depressants kick in. The world of The Fix is a comfort and a pleasure, unafraid to let character reactions speak for themselves without the use of a dialogue box. Little pop-ups here and there let us know what kind of minds we’re dealing with, and the violence makes a definite impression without going into gore territory.

I can’t recommend this title enough. Is it really a whole month until issue #2?! For fans of crime fiction, for fans of black comedy, for fans of good storytelling in general. The Fix is in! 5/5.


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