Big Finish Releases ‘Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles Part 12’


Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles Part 12 CoverBig Finish continues its tradition of continuing the shows we all want more of, this time with Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles Part 12. Big Finish has retained the original cast, so Avon’s familiar drawl will still be there, and Vila’s nervous chatter will sound as it always has.

The three stories on the set give Avon and Vila each a chance to shine as well as giving Del Tarrant, a woefully under-characterized player in the original show, an episode to carry. Listen to a soundclip below and scroll down for a further look at the story contents.

Official Synopsis for The Liberator Chronicle’s Vol. 12

12.1 Corners of the Mind by Andy Lane

Avon is trapped in a labyrinth full of puzzles, with no way to teleport to safety and deadly traps at every corner. He needs all his wits to survive, but there is one problem – he is losing his mind with every puzzle, piece by piece, memory by memory.

12.2 Capital by Guy Adams

The Armageddon Storm. A weapon so dreadful that it can lay waste to entire planets. A weapon that Avon has used to hold the Federation to account.  A voice from the past brings news of its redeployment… and the fate of Blake. Del Tarrant is sent to Earth to recover both – but will he survive?

12.3 Punishment by Guy Adams

It’s the end of the world and Vila’s father has returned. He isn’t sure what is worse. With the crew of the Liberator arrested and Tarrant dead, can Vila rescue the man he hates and save the day? A coward turned hero… with the fate of planet Earth hanging in the balance.

Featuring Paul Darrow as Avon, Jan Chappell as Cally, Michael Keating as Vila, Steven Pacey as Del Tarrant and David Warner as Tavac, Big Finish Productions proudly presentBlake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles Volume 12, available to buy and download today exclusively from Big


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