Director of Nintendo Quest and Power of Grayskull Turns to Box Art


Those of you who, like me, enjoy a good documentary that really looks into something we love, are in for a treat. Rob McCallum, director of Nintendo Quest and “Power of Grayskull,” just launched a Kickstarter campaign for his next documentary: Box Art: A Gaming Documentary.

Box Art Trailer Detail Shot
Box Art will explore video game cover artwork from every era of video gaming. There are already over one hundred people from all aspects of the industry planning to participate. These include Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts (EA), Jeff Peters, fonder of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Gerald Brom of Doom, and Atari co-founder, Ted Dabney.

According to Rob McCallum:

No one has told the story of the people who’ve created some of the most iconic images in video game history – but that’s about to change. I’m excited to learn everything about box art from the people responsible. You can only research a subject so much before you start going in circles but hearing the history from those responsible will be an experience you can’t replicate reading or by searching on Google. We have stretch goals that give us a lot of freedom to restructure the material and I hope we hit that level so we can share as much of this experience as possible

In addition to McCallum, producers for Box Art: A Gaming Documentary include Patrick Scott Patterson, Director of Museum of the Video Game Art (MOVA), Tim Lapetino, and Sara Ventura. John H. McCarthy will serve as supervising sound editor is Xavier Van Den Nouwland is the motion graphics artist.

Learn more about Box Art on the newly-opened Kickstarter [age and follow on Twitter.


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