Orbit’s Odyssey: Saving Planet X one gem at a time


Orbit is a space traveler. In all his time traveling he has witnessed many things like space, planets, stars and, you guessed it, more space! However, when he witnesses evil robot monsters stealing the power source of Planet X (effectively deactivating the planet) he realizes he has found a new purpose…a passion for saving the underdog planet in the universe by reacquiring its gem stones from the evil, robotic AIs that have stolen them!

Like many mobile games, Orbits’ Odyssey is a simple single player saga rife with feature leveling and dynamic control. Using your finger, you can move Orbit from planet to planet as he collects the energy left behind by the evil invaders that have stolen Planet X’s life force. As the game progresses the player will find gravity becomes a bit unusual…Orbit can jump planets or the rotation of the planet will reverse, forcing the player to run away from the robots he/she is facing with a bit more urgency.

It offers great game play for folks in their young teens to adults well into their nineties. As a simple point and run character, Orbit circles around planets collecting “coins” while attempting to outrun the robot overlords. The design is lovely and the character is adorable! I actually even like the bad guys…they remind me a bit of some older anime villains.

This game launched today and is available in the following mobile stores:

Created by Paperkyte, this game is sure to please the masses with its stunning visuals, amusing anecdotes and creative interactive play. For more information on Orbit’s Odyssey feel free to visit Paperkyte.co OR view the video below with examples of game play from this snazzy little mobile platformer. Enjoy!


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