The April Loot Crate Unboxed


Loot Crate BoxThe Loot Crate arrival is always fun. I try not to find anything out ahead of time, but because I have written about it, the internet has been showing me ads. The Internet knows all! Anyway, I knew this month would be fantasy, which meant looking forward to it more and fearing it wouldn’t live up to my expectations.

Opening the April Loot Crate

Opening the box

April Loot Crate Labyrinth Shirt

My. What a lot of purple!

First, the Labyrinth special item: It’s a t-shirt. A T-shirt with a very large, very purple image on it. There’s no missing David Bowie, or the Labyrinth itself.

It’s very purple. Have I mentioned that already?

It is a good thing I have a friend who likes purple.

I think the shirt is hideous. She doesn’t.

It is, when you stop to think on it, a perfect arrangement.

A Viking Drinking Horn

The next item is a plastic Viking drinking horn, based on the History Channel Vikings. There’s really not much to say about it. It’s small-ish, looks reasonably like it was made out of some animal horn, but has a “metal” band that is clearly plastic. If you have always wanted a Viking drinking horn to hang on your wall, it will probably make you happy.

If you have never desired a Viking drinking horn and absolutely refuse to quaff your drink down in one draft, well, you’ll still have a plastic horn. Possibly you will have friends who like such things. I haven’t actually asked my purple-Labyrinth-loving friend if she likes Viking drinking apparatus.

The House Cup recipe that came with it in the magazine is pretty good, though. I thought it needed some lemon juice to give it a bit of zing, but that was easy to add. I’m not, however, going to try to drink it from the drinking horn. My Star Wars glass, which probably came from Target, will do just fine. I can set it down without spilling.

Huh. Maybe the drinking horn should be saved for one of those parties where everyone is standing around juggling their food and drink because they can’t put anything down, even if they want to.

Twenty Sided DieThen there is a twenty-sided die ice-cube shaper.

There’s not much to say about this. It shapes ice. Well, it is supposed to. I’ll let you know how well it actually works, later, when I get it out of the fridge.

A Thief's End PosterThe A Thief’s End poster is more a matter of wrong fandom. It’s a fairly small poster, somewhat less than a sheet of paper. The art looks ok. As far as how well it works as a game tchotchke–I have no idea. Those of you who have played the game, can you weigh in with an opinion in the comments?

Harry Potter SocksLast, but not least, are the Harry Potter Horcrux socks.

If nothing else, a Loot Crate subscription will net you a full sock drawer.  After all, as Dumbledore observed,  “One can never have enough socks.” Great man, Dumbledore. Great man.

And, hey, these are fun. Function and fun. Pretty much as good as it gets. I am wondering “Why Horcruxes?” a bit, given that there are lots of lovely Potter-y images available. You know, like owls and dragons, but Horcruxes will do, and they are unique to the series.

The Quest magazine, like all the Loot Crate magazines so far, is humorous and made me laugh. I like the advice on how not to go on a quest.

And that, as they say, is that!

April Loot Crate Contents


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