Mistress of Death Review: ‘Supernatural Serial Killers’


cover79019-mediumWhat happens when you combine murder and the supernatural? Usually you get some pretty crazy TV shows. When a murderer just thinks they are supernaturally inclined, that’s when things get really crazy. In the new book Supernatural Serial Killers, by Samantha Lyon and Dr. Daphne Tan, readers get a chance to delve into some of the weirdest murder cases. From sixteenth century Europe to more recent crimes, such as Richard Ramirez the Nightstalker, the book provides a breakdown of the childhood of the murderer, the localized social environment, the crimes themselves, and a categorization of where the fit in as part of the realm of Supernatural Serial Killers.

Supernatural Serial Killers is an interesting compendium of crime and fears. The descriptions in the book are very detailed and occasionally are a bit stomach churning. Some of the names will be familiar to readers who are regular readers of true crime. Others are familiar to those who have spent a great deal of reading supernatural fiction.

Supernatural Serial Killers is now available from Arcturus Digital.


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