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Hello everyone and welcome back for yet another installment of FGN’s Cosplay Feature of the Week! This week we introduce you to the ever so talented Heartless Aquarius! Emma started her cosplay page Heartless Aquarius in 2015 but she has been in the cosplay community for over 8 years! I met Emma at the very first Arizona GameOn Expo in August of 2015. Since that time I have the opportunity to follow her endless exploits and decided it was high time I share her work with the world.

Heartless AquariusHello Emma! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello! I’m Emma Roberts, also known as Heartless Aquarius. I’m at the ripe young age of 19. My favorite games are Pokémon, Bayonetta 2, Undertale, Splatoon and League of Legends. I cannot possibly list all of the movies that I love! I’m such a huge movie buff.

Fun fact: Along with cosplaying, I am also a dancer and an actress!

Wow! Congratulations on your acting and dancing successes! I, too, enjoy video games and I have heard wonderful things about LoL. How did you get started as a cosplayer?

My family has always loved Halloween. After going to our first San Diego Comic Con back in 2008, we found out we can basically celebrate Halloween all year round.

That’s a great way to look at cosplay! As something communal and fun! Have you explored cosplay as business? Your skill with sewing is incredible!

I don’t see cosplay as a business for me. I’m just enjoying this weird and fun hobby and sharing my work on the Internet. I personally specialize in creating original designs and hand-making as much of my cosplays as possible.

I commend you for your dedication to creating your costumes. It takes a lot of time, patience and confidence to walk out into the world with custom costumes. That being said, has anyone on a sponsor level noticed your work?

I currently don’t have any sponsors.

Do you have any dream cosplays?

My current dream cosplay is Bayonetta from Bayonetta 2! Not only is the outfit gorgeous, but Bayonetta’s personality and attitude is to die for! Portraying her would be so fun and making the outfit would be a wonderful challenge.

Bayonetta’s hair frightens me…it seems like so much work! Good luck with that; I am certain you will do her justice. Do you have any advice for current cosplayers?

Never, ever, ever give up. Don’t be discouraged by the talent of others. This is a community where everyone can cosplay.

What advice would you like to offer to future cosplayers?

Cosplaying may seem intimidating but you will make so many friends and learn so many useful skills.

It has been a pleasure talking with you! Before we wrap up, are there any cosplayers that inspire your work?

My cosplay role model is definitely TwinFools. He is not only incredibly talented, but he is also one of the friendliest cosplayers online and in person.

Please be sure to check out more of Emma’s work at:


Here are some fabulous photos of Heartless Aquarius in various cosplays!

Photographers: OKS Photo, Dino Man Photography and Madonia Photography


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